Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find nutritional information about Newport Creamery's ice cream products and food?

Newport Creamery offers complete nutritional information on all of our delicious ice creams.  Please look to the ice-cream containers in-store, and view the full nutritional labels.  Newport Creamery prides itself on offering fresh, delicious food but cannot provide nutritional information for all products at this time.

Where can I find the Newport Creamery closest to me?

How can I contact Newport Creamery?

Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.  If you are sending an email please include a name and phone number, so we may get back in touch. ou may contact the corporate office at:

The Jan Companies
35 Sockanosset Cross Road
Cranston, RI 02920
401-946-4392 (fax)

How can I purchase Newport Creamery merchandise?

If you are looking for merchandise (apparel, glasses, etc.), please feel free to visit our online shop.  If you are looking for ice cream or Awful Awful mix, you may call our Middletown location and order these products by phone.  You will receive a price for the merchandise, as well as shipping options.  This number is (401) 846-2767, with Jeffery Smith as a contact person.

What employment opportunities does Newport Creamery offer?

Does Newport Creamery offer reduced-fat or low-sugar ice cream?

Newport Creamery is happy to offer reduced-fat yogurts and sugar-free ice creams, including Chocolate and Vanilla No Sugar added.

½ Cup Size Calories Fat Sugar Carbs Cholesterol
Non Fat Vanilla Yogurt 100 0g 20g 22g 0g
Vanilla Yogurt 120 3g 19g 20g 10g
Vanilla No Sugar Added 100 3g 10g 19g 15g
Chocolate No Sugar Added 110 3g 5g 22g 10g

Can Newport Creamery make a donation to my organization?

Each year, Newport Creamery makes corporate donations to several non-profit organizations in our communities.  Due to the large number of donation requests, it may not be possible to answer each request directly.  All donation requests must be in writing and sent to our corporate offices at:

Newport Creamery
35 Sockanosset Cross Road
Cranston, RI 02920
Attn: Marketing Manager

Due to the large number of donation requests, it may not be possible to answer each request directly.

What is an Awful Awful?

"It's A Drink!"  That is the short answer...

The legend of the Awful Awful® started with Bond's Ice Cream in New Jersey, when they filed for the Awful Awful® trademark on June 10, 1948.  Original partner Rector worked out an agreement with Bonds, so Newport Creamery could use the name.  When Bonds went bankrupt in the early 1970's, Newport Creamery officially bought the name for $1,000!

In 1949 the ice cream and food manufacturing plant was built and a second restaurant opened, this time in Pawtucket.  In the next decades, scores of new restaurants opened throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Over the years, the Newport Creamery has become much more than just an ice cream store.  Each Newport Creamery restaurant becomes part of the neighborhood, a place where friends meet to enjoy themselves.  The Jan Companies bought Newport Creamery in December 2001.  Currently The Jan Companies own and operate 13 locations, 2 of which are in Massachusetts

The Newport Creamery's homemade premium frozen desserts include the company's highly popular signature drink, the Awful Awful®.